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Puppies available for your consideration

We breed our girls only when we are in need of pups to fulfill the needs of our non-profit service dog program.

All our breeding dogs have OFA clearances for good Hearts, Elbows, Eyes and Hips

We periodically have quality pups available for adoption to qualified pet homes. Your monetary gift is applied toward our service dog program, providing dogs and training at no cost to our veterans.

Please visit (pawsitive action service dogs) and our Facebook page at Pawsitive Action Service Dogs to see many of our dogs in service.

All pups are placed with a spay/neuter contract.

Delivery service is available if you are not local to our area.

Approximate fee is 500.00 to 1,000.00 depending on airfare

Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers

Golden Labs?? Goldadors??

There are Goldens and there are Labradors. They are two of our favorite breeds and we do have AKC registered dogs of both breeds for your consideration. Why then do we have Golden Labs? Thirty years ago I was introduced to a mix of the two retrievers through the largest service dog organization in the US. These "Golden Labs" seemed to possess the best traits of each breed. As an "old AKC show person" this was a challenging and thoughtful decision for me. After one very, very planned breeding, I was hooked. This combo is fantastic and seems to be a pure "magic" mix for service dogs.

To learn more about our foundation and breeding dogs visit our page "Breeding Dogs"

Short and Long coat pups are available. We can tell coat length at 10 weeks of age.

Visit our FaceBook  page for current available pups

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